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Our vision and mission


Establishing specialized facilities like Dental implant facility, Deformed cure facility, Orthodontic facility and other facilities.Preparing to start out postgraduate studies Master and Doctorate in different specialties. Hosting specialized dentists in every dental field of study from different inveterate universities in the world so as to elevate scientific level for graduates in our college and be in the same level of other colleges of inveterate universities.


College of Dentistry – Kufa University has the humanitarian letter for a society is to develop healthcare culture and enhance health status for Najaf and  Middle Uphertis people from different aspects specially cure and oral teeth prevention.


Goals of the College are to graduate competent dentists having wide knowledge in Dental and oral prevention and presenting the cure for everyone who comes to college Hospital in various and perfect forms. Supporting top -ten Graduates in every field of study and preparing them to follow and complete higher studies and to provide the college with highly specialized young dentists so as to back up the college pace correctly.


College of Dentistry – Kufa University is governmental college established in May 2006 according to the ministerial order 2189 of Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.College of Dentistry awards Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery  (B.D.S). Approval mechanism is centrally oriented and the current location is Kufa – Kournesh St – Old building college of Medicine.