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Department of Basic Sciences

Basic Sciences seeks to find a solid basic ground for students through mixing Basic sciences and Medical Sciences and making a complete conformity to prepare excellent Dentists to creative and distinguished.
Branch is contributing to basic science to provide teaching staff and technical college in addition to providing research that supports the scientific process at the college, according to scientific disciplines in the section in addition to Tathagata with jurisdiction exact Dental and create joint ventures with Applied Sciences studied by the branch and thus available integration and balance between the specialties of dentistry and competencies Other scientific
1- Applying modern scientific methods in teaching Natural Medical Sciences.
2- Updating the syllabus and finding everything that might enhance and elevate the Scientific and Moral levels for Students through keeping up the international standards and this is what our university emphasize.
3- Ascending our Laboratories and make them the pulsing heart for science and knowledge through using the latest technologies and experiences, as result ensuring the application of syllabus standards and finding the exact result.
4- emphasizing syllabus performance application and supporting methods of Scientific Search to reach high levels.
5- Looking after Internet and make benefit practically and scientifically through participating in video conferences and getting update available resources.
BasicSciences Department takes part in enlarging the staff members including the technicians in the College as well as presenting researchers supporting the scientific pace in the College according to the scientific specifications.Basic Sciences aims at finding a common ground with applicable sciences and hereby get an overlapping equilibrium between Dentistry specifications and other specifications.
Welcome From the Chief of Department
Basic Sciences Department is considered to be the largest department in the College of Dentistry. It plays the great role in teaching materials (theoretical and practical ) in various specifications which are linked to the Oral and Dental fields and behind all is to deliver the information to Student correctly.  The Department gives space to students how to deal with patients through using tools and materials correctly.
Basic Sciences Department Head is Assistant.Prof. Dr. Zuhair Sadiq Alsehlawi
College of Dentistry – Kufa University.

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