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 Head of observers of Quality Assurance and Academic performance

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Our college is based on a set of administrative guideline principles to improve quality , namely:

1 - full understanding , commitment and spirit of participation by senior management to make quality primarily concerns.

2 - continuity in the work to improve the processes that lead to quality improvement .

3 - Coordination and cooperation between the departments and branches in college with an emphasis on the use of work teams and participate in the opinion .

4 - Involve all faculty and administrative staff and students in efforts to improve quality through collaboration with faculty on the use of these programs, total quality management .

5 - building and sustaining a culture in the college aims to continuous improvement and the creation of working relationships between its members and the need to distinguish between individual and collective efforts .

6 - to involve all members of the faculty , staff and students in efforts to improve the overall quality .

7 - focus on quality to meet the needs of the student teaching _ employee _ Let the output quality standards within the college .

Council was established to ensure quality in our college headed by Mr. Dean .

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