A seminar entitled "The Role of Military and Digital Media and its Impression in Society" at the College of Dentistry, University of Kufa

Under the title (Baghdad, the capital of Arab media), the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Kufa held a symposium entitled "The Role of Military and Digital Media and its Impression in Society".

 Media Information Officer Anis Hadi said that the media is a prominent tool that has achieved a great spread and must be discussed in all its aspects. Hence the role played by the media in the light of the huge and accelerating developments in the field of communication and digital media with all its techniques, tools and means has become a living So that the participation of several parties in the talk and opinion and dialogue through circulation in the sites of social communication and has a great impact, while the media war in Iraq is considered new since it was founded after the launch of the doctrine of Jihad Alkfai the media conveys the clear image and the truthful word to achieve the victory, hence it is clear here the role of the media in the progress of rapid steps of a strong impact that leaves an impression on the recipient of the truth of the news and raise morale under the circumstances experienced by our dear country and that the seminar was held today is to introduce the role of the military information and what it did Of sacrifices and active contribution to the achievement of victory.

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