The Teaching Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry opens its doors to receive patients.

The Teaching  hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Kufa continues to receive patients with all medical services related to dentistry, such as treatments, gums, facial and maxillofacial surgery, by students of the fourth and fifth stages under the supervision of a group of consultants from the faculty.

 Dean's assistant for Scientific Affairs Dr. Bassem Al-Aasem said," that the teaching hospital of the college is equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide medical care, and there are clinics that provide emergency treatment for patients with chronic problems without prior appointment or patients who undergo a routine examination and have emergency treatment. Provide treatment for some patients with simple problems in fillings that do not require prolonged or intensive treatment". It is noteworthy that the clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University has provided during the last academic year about 8 thousand treatment services in different disciplines of oral and dental diseases, including various medical services within the framework of community service programs provided by the College to serve all segments of society.


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