President of the University of Kufa Prof. Dr. Mohsen Al-Zalmi visits the College of Dentistry

Within the schedule of visits to the faculties of the University of Kufa, Professor Mohsen Al-Dalmi, President of Kufa University, visited the Faculty of Dentistry today.

 During his visit, he was briefed on the administrative and scientific realities, including the student halls, the work of the administrative and scientific people, and inspected the buildings of the college. The visit included visiting the scientific laboratories and the destination of the speakers. And climate, which is taking rapid and important steps in scientific and scientific progress, urging them to persevere and seriousness because the university's goal is scientific and moral construction, and stressed the readiness of the university to listen to any proposal that would develop the college and wish them lasting success and success. The President of the University praised the efforts made by the Dean and his assistants.He was accompanied by the  dean assistant  Bassem Al-Asam,  for Scientific Affairs.


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