Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry participates his students breakfast of Ramadan

The dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Abbas Al-Abboudi, participated in the Ramadan evenings program of the Faculty of Dentistry, which is located in the hostels of our university.

Al-Abboudi participated the students of his college in the Ramadan breakfast and met with a number of students of the residents of hostels, inspecting their status and requirements and inquiring about any possible needs to be provided by the college.He also reviewed the services provided to them and he promised them to visit them repeatedly  in order to overcome the difficulties facing them to make the student to raise the level of science and his door is open to students to identify the obstacles facing them in the hostels and working to dissolve them.The dean also gave some tips and guidance to the students in the use of the assets of electrical appliances and other supplies because they were found to serve them with the need to cooperate with the hostel management and he emphasized the importance of creating an atmosphere of mutual respect between the hostel and students.The students expressed gratitude and thanks to the dean for this visit. The dean also expressed his thanks and gratitude to the supervisors in the hostels.


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