Artificial teeth compensation

Vision and Mission:

  • Graduating highly- skilled competent Dentists and to qualify them to deliver the humanitarian letter perfectly for people and Country sakes.



  • 1- Educating  the Dentists the importance of humanitarian role of curing the patients.

    2- Fully provide the students with knowledge so as to create dentists fully confident of themselves scientifically.

    3- Get the update materials ,theory and scientific materials so the students keep up with latest dentistry field.

    4- Crystalize the students' skills through available latest techniques.




Artificial teeth compensation branch teaches students the complete and partial Dentures as well as Dental material. The aim of Department is graduate fully competent, highly-skilled students with scientific practical experiences. 


Welcome From the Chief of Department


Artificial teeth compensation branch aims at educating the Dentistry students about the problems that an individual may encounter in losing natural teeth the necessity of compensating them with movable dentures and this is a crucial part for one's safety.


It shows the consequences of losing teeth without implanting new ones instead.  




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