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The first day of the final exams for students of the Faculty of Dentistry

In a quiet ambiance far from disruption and in an examination procedure fraught with full discipline and attention from both the managerial cadre and observers to provide the appropriate circumstances for students examination.

The Dean of the College, Dr. Abdul Karim Abdullah Mahmoud, and since the early morning hours stressed his keenness to keep up with the process of passing the examination and listening to the opinions of the observers and students to solve any problem they suffer, describing the examination ambiance as excellent and  pointing out the students satisfaction and stressing the observers’ commitment to the ministerial examination instructions. Wishing for all the students the success on the pot of their effort and hardship in the study. Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Professor Dr. Haider Dakhil clarified the details of the examinations, pointing out that it was conducted in a calm and excellent ambiance and there was no objection from any of the students to the questions or other matters concerning the conduct of examinations.

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