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The Faculty of Dentistry welcomes its new students

A responsible committee from Faculty of Dentistry – University of Kufa has interviewed students newly accepted in the faculty. The committee was headed by scientific dean assistant Dr. Haider Dakheel Al-Muaala and the administrative dean assistant Dr. Muhassad Hameed Almudhaffar with the presence of quality sector manager Dr. Hanan.

Dr. AL-Maaala mentioned the importance of the commitment of attending the lectures from their first day and devoting efforts to keep aside with the educational process for the purpose of reaching the aim the faculty by graduation elite dentists which it, their university and their country will be proud of them. Dr. Almudhaffar clarified the low of discipline to the students in addition to some advice from The Ministry of Education and Scientific Research that encourage them to complete their scientific journey as well as the ways that they would follow to be efficient dentists carrying out the responsibilities. They have been informed about the importance of commitment with the uniform for its confidentiality in the university. As an initiative, flowers have been presented to the new students by the students of the second stage for welcoming them. Finally, the committee wished the new students all the best.

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