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The educational hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry is undergoing extensive maintenance campaigns

The establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Kufa and after directing the maintenance and service unit in the college and in cooperation with cadre specialized in the maintenance of dental equipment has done the maintenance for dental equipment.

Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr. Muhssed Al-Muzaffar said that the aim of the campaign is to maintain  the dental equipment and laboratory equipment and there is a possibility to repairing variously broken equipment and their work towards the best and reduce the volume of damage that gets during use and the return of a range of consumables for the service after the availability of spare materials to raise the level of service and performance for the benefit and to
enhance the health level in the governorate. Director of Clinics Dr. Hussein Al-Najjar said that the maintenance of the campaign included a set of dental devices with periodic maintenance of all dental devices and the repair of some sterilization devices of various types and originators to provide medical services to the auditors and follow-up the contracted equipment in cooperation with the companies equipped during maintenance periods and in coordination with a group of companies through corresponding them. Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Dr. Haider Al-Mualla said that the campaign witnessed the maintenance of the equipment of the hospital as well as cleaning the classrooms and maintenance of some chairs and educational halls and this campaign to create the appropriate atmosphere in preparation for the start of summer training for students.

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