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An English-language story entitled “History of Ancient Dentistry”

Within the activities of the students of the Faculty of Dentistry in the English medical terminology for the first stage and under the supervision of Professor Assistant Professor Ali Fakhr al-Din, the student Kawthar Alawi gave a brief lecture on the history of dentistry in English

The student showed the first practice of dental medicine dating back to 1400 years ago, which was found in Italy for the age has been cleaned by flint stones. The Arabs had a role where they wrote about the dissection of teeth and dental surgery and designed some primitive dental tools such as drill arches and turned out to be effective and appropriate tools and older A dental process of 6500 years in Slovenia where beeswax has been used. A Sumerian text dating back to 5000 BC has been described as a cause of tooth decay. Evidence of this belief has been found in Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and late history 14th-century sincere wounds (Gu (932 CE), who spoke of the detailed anatomy of the jaws and teeth, as well as the great surgeon (Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi), who designed and painted many surgical instruments that are close to the precision of the tools. Current and do not forget Ibn Sina, who described many diseases of the mouth and in ancient Egypt was (Hassy Ra) is the first to be named (dentist) in history. The Egyptians knew how to tie teeth together with gold wires.

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