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Symposium on dealing with emergency cases in hospitals at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Kufa

The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Kufa held a symposium entitled “dealing with emergency cases in hospitals” with the participation of a group of teaching staff and students.

Dr. Ghassan Lecturer of the symposium explained that “The doctor in the departments of emergency and adings is the most able to assess the emergency situation by virtue of the scientific study and the experience of dealing with similar cases, pointing out that the doctor depends on the tests in the statement of cases and added that the purpose of many tests are to helping in  accurate diagnosis and through which a medical opinion is formed about the patient’s condition, the doctor will make a fateful decision for the patient either by entering the hospital to complete the treatment or takehim/her out.”Director of Clinics, Dr. Hussein Al-Najjar, pointed out” that the identification of emergency cases of non-emergency cases falls within the jurisdiction of the doctor primarily on the basis of clinical and laboratory tests and other medical procedures determined by the doctor and therefore the doctor is responsible for taking any medical decision regarding the patient’s condition.”Najjar added that the aim of the symposium is to provide information and gain experience for students in the field of dealing with emergencies.The head of the symposium, Dr. Mohamed Talib explained, ” That the emergency medical condition requires immediate treatment, which can not be delayed, either by regular surgical or medical intervention such as emergency hemorrhage, if not dealt with quickly and urgently, may lead to serious complications indicating that the doctor determines it through a clinical examination and according to the nature of the patient complaint through a justified medical procedure targeting the patient’s absolute interest.”

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